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We design based on knowledge.

We believe that good architecture enhances people’s quality of life. With well-considered aesthetics and functionality, we provide unique solutions to our clients. By a comprehensive approach and advanced technical details, we pay close attention to the durability and energy efficiency of our buildings, saving money and cutting CO² emissions for our clients and the environment.

cofounder, arch. Csilla Albert-Tóth
Beside well-designed spaces and experimental art, Csilla is also into cooking, hiking and quality time with the close ones. She dislikes chattering and pointlessness.

cofounder, arch. Tímea Erdei-Dolóczki
In addition to minimalism, wabi-sabi and ergonomics, Timi also likes wild animals and extremes. She dislikes wasting and celebs.

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Csilla (+40)747-38-28-18
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